PC Training - Understanding and taking control of your computer

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Training program

The General Service Manager, actor in the working environment alongside HR, CHSCT and the occupational physician
  • The CHSCT: responsibilities, scope of missions 
  • President or participate in the CHSCT? 
  • How to encourage social dialogue
  • Work hand in hand with HR
  • Role of the occupational physician
How to measure the impact of a development?
  • Develop simple and effective dashboards
  • Other possible tools
  • Model a development charte


Communicate, stay tuned to employees and meet requests 
  • The place of communication in project management
  • How to accompany the employee on a daily basis
  • Set up satisfaction surveys
  • Services offered to a person


What is ergonomics?
  • Presentation of  discipline
  • Benchmarks on what is or is not ergonomics
  • Which methodology to adopt?


Workplace layout: landmarks and good reflexes
  • Standards to be applied
  • What are the basic principles of planning? 
  • Some misconceptions about ergonomic materials 
  • How to accompany the staff in the layout of their office


Programming: essentials for defining needs
  • How to effectively define the needs for small and large development projects
  • Ergonomic approach: from the general to particula
  • Space planning, ratios ... advantages and disadvantages
Workspace development: what levers to improve the well-being of employees
  • Essential rules
  • Know how to identify the main needs 
  • Analyze work situations
  • How to respond to organizational needs?
  • Psychosociological effects on teams?


Project management: the role of the General Service Manager
  • Why put in place a participatory approach
  • How to organize and / or lead thinking sessions
  • Reflection on the notion of resistance to changes and ownership of the project by users
  • Define a project implementation strategy: planning, speakers, key dates ...


Specifications for PC Training - Understanding and taking control of your computer

Training mode Présentiel or E-learning or Blended learning or Classe virtuelle